About Us

Welcome to Masar Co-working Space

Masar space is a co working space started in 2017. We have been helping our clients from the very beginning to achieve their goals through our continues effort to respond to our clients’ needs and requirements and to provide them a friendly yet productive environment.

Who Are We

We are dedicated to walk forward on the path of learning, learning about excellence is our journey in Masar. Excellence of details is our signature. we consider ourselves to be the supporting partner in a way that we provide all the necessary details to enable our clients walk their path of success. By providing you all the detailed requirements to start/expand your Business/Projects or to hold a training or an event in the perfect place .

Our history

The First Stage: Masar Education

Driven by our desire to serve our community we started Masar in 2016. We started to work on the field of education because we believe that education is the most important thing for creating a better world.

Our first step in that field was to reach out to people or organizations who have similar goals and vision. Because we believe in collaboration not competition. And it was a very beautiful stage of Masar’s journey.

We started to create the content of the training materials that will enable us to fulfill our goal of serving and building our community. We spent days and hours of hard work to create the training materials. Our training materials were customized to parents, kids, teenagers, educators of all kind.

We have successfully trained over 60 teenagers and 50 adults. And the process is continuous; we will never stop working on our main goal, helping our community to be better.

The Second Stage: Masar Space

As a startup business we knew the challenges that may face any startup in the beginning. We did not underestimate the importance of arranging the logistics, finding the right place and creating a comfortable environment to start and work from. This was the spark that motivated us to start Masar Space.

We created a very special environment for those who want to achieve excellence. Whether you are a student, a freelancer, or even a small-business owner, Masar will offer the most suitable solutions tailored specifically for every need.

With Masar you will be connected with likeminded people and you will find a lot of chances to apply your creative ideas and turn them into reality.

Masar Space started in December 2017. And by now, we have helped over 4600 clients to work and study in a very helpful environment equipped with all the facilities needed.

Now we are looking forward to offer more solutions and creative ways to make the work much easier for companies, individuals, startups, freelancers, and for everyone who wants to reach perfection and get the best out of himself.

That’s because we have learnt throughout the years what exactly are the basic needs from all different services Besides providing the equipped administrative office and after knowing and collecting all the details related to the development process of a company and analyzing every line of work related to those services especially accounting and legal services, marketing services, creating a web site and providing technical solutions.

Our Vision

To be the first choice for every company, startup, freelancer, student in Egypt through our effort to truly serve others and help them reach their goals.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the ultimate goal of the human existence is to serve others and to plant good deeds in the world and to leave a positive impact on the people around us.

We believe that serving one another is the main reason for the human beings’ existence, so it’s better to collaborate than compete. That’s why our work is centered on the idea of collaboration and it’s one of the main reasons we created Masar. Masar’s environment creates a special connection between each and every one in the place. And that is the reason why we don’t think of others who works on the same field as competitors we see them as collaborators.

Driven by our belief of service, we do our best to help our clients reach their goals through our facilities and services. We consider every client of Masar to be a friend and a partner.

Meet Our Team

Diaa Nour

Founder of Masar office space and Ceo.

Nehal Ibrahim

Executive Director
Executive director and human resources manager and legal affairs director.

Karim Adel

Operation Specialist
Responsible for operation tasks and quality assurance.

Samira Mahmoud

Sales Executive
Responsible for customer services and responding to their requirements and needs.

Ahmed Ghanem

Finance Officer
Responsible for managing accounts, issuing invoices, and following up procedures related to financial matters.

Merna Adel

Head of Marketing
Responsible for managing digital marketing across social media and various online media.